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Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

 maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner

hey all
today i am going to write about Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. well, i did earlier try maybelline's Colossal kajal but was disappointed, as it lasted me just a month,it's quantity mere 0.35g :( .hence, i had to buy another one so i bought the pot kajal ( thats what i call it), for maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner (phewwww) is just so long to pronounce and type for that matter and life is too short to waste on names that are so long.

okay so coming back to the kajal ,it's packaging is good- it comes in a cute, little and tiny pot.  quantity -  2.8 grams and comes with a cute and sleek brush applicator.
i got mine at a price of Rs 410-

Maybelline claims that this gel based Eye Liner is ideal for an Intense Color. Guaranteed for 24 Hour Wear, it is Smudge-proof and Water-proof. Its oil-free formula can holds the highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base making the color more intense and lines resist wear for hours.

What i say is that,all that the product claims has a ring of truth in it but the fact cannot be overlooked that i live in a beautiful hill station where we just experience two seasons winter and monsoon, hence no worries for me of the scorching heat melting away my makeup :).

 i have a dry skin texture too so the gel did not smudge on me( however, it did blot a little when i applied it, it's better to leave to dry for few seconds) can not vouch for the ones with an oily skin and the kajal is really hard to remove ( it goes off only with a cleanser, and i am confused if that counts as a positive or a negative ) 

i just loved the sleek brush which is so easy to use and one has the freedom to become creative and draw thick, sleek lines and create cat eye or bird eye or whatever you want your eyes to transform into. here i have to admit that though my eyes are small and eyelids are non existing, yet i try my best to make them as attractive as i can ( since someone said that eyes are the window of the soul or something like that). i really envy Indian women for their beautiful and expressive eyes, i am sure all Nepalese-Indian  women will agree with me on this

i could apply a thin line on my eyelid with a single sweep without much hassle. loved the fact that it it did not possess a mind of it's own and become a slave at my hand ( ha ha the far fetched metaphor). the only thing that i did not actually like  is fact that the color  should have been more deeper and blacker, which for that matter is the plus side of the maybelline  colossal kajal, i loved the colossal deep black color, hope i could get the same intense black color on the pot too. yet i think the pot is worth a buy and is cost effective too as, as far as i guess it will really last long at least longer than the colossal k.

And although i am in love with the pot and the brush, i do not think it's viable to carry it everywhere around in my purse,( kajal and a lipstick is my staple, can't move anywhere without it) a convenience that Maybelline colossal k. definitely provides

without wearing eyeshadow

with eyeshadow


the good 

  • easy to wear
  • doesn't smudge

the bad 

  • the pigmentation could have been more deeper
  • not convenient enough to carry around for touch ups

the ugly

  •  none


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  1. Hey where did u buy this product ? I have been searching for it in kathmandu..any suggestions?