Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Maybelline New York FashionBrow (Review)

Hi Guys,
Its been ages ( well! figuratively) that I have been away from blogging. However, I am glad to inform you guys that I am back :)
So there are a lot of stuffs that I wanna blog about, but, right now I am going to start with reviewing  the Maybelline FashionBrow dual shaper eyebrow pencil cum powder (whoooo). So, if you are interested then keep reading

  • The brow shaper retails for the price of Rs 245 for 0.5g
  • It comes in two colors, Brown and Grey

The color of the brow shaper is indicated by the cap which is of brown and grey color respectively.

 It comes in the shape of a pen with opening at both it's rear ends. The ends have pencil and powder written on them respectively. While the pencil end needs to be pulled in-order to open it, the powder end needs to be twisted. This feature is a little confusing for me and I always end up getting it wrong.

The powder end comes with a sponge applicator which I guess is to blend the color, however, every-time I try to blend the color out, half of the product gets wiped out.

Here is a swatch of both the colors

Well! out of the two colors I like the brown shade better because it works for me well. The brown shade  goes with the color of my hair, which, at the moment is golden brown.

But the ones who have thick black eyebrows should totally go for the grey brow shaper in case they just need to fill in their brows. As far as I am concerned what I have for brows is just a sad excuse in the name of brows so..... grey one looks a little weird on me

Here are few pictures of how my eyebrows looked when:

  • I applied The Dual Shaper in the shade Grey

  • I applied The Dual Shaper in the shade Brown

In this final picture I have applied  Grey and Brown brow shaper on my left and right eyebrows respectively.....

Well! the crux of the review comes to this, whether I will purchase it again...
umm honestly speaking, I think I can surely get better results with my eye-shadow palette , however, I will definitely repurchase it because it is so affordable, also for the fact that it is travel friendly and definitely comes handy if I am in a hurry.

Thanks for reading this post to the end guys, hope you found it helpful.
Do leave your comments behind XOXO

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